Because it's late and no one can chat. so say hi to ex-bf on msn.

have a "hard to say"feeling about heard him say he starts to take chinese lesson nowadays.

after we broke up for almost two years.

life is just like this right, people change, mind change, timing can not meet.

so i can not say from my side it's good or not. but for him definately

not a bad thing (just like whati told him before).


during these time, i been through quite a lot of things and cause me some lost.

only thing for sure is life can not go back, we all have to look forward.

even the things behind you is not always good, but we need to solve these,

sometimes admit the mistakes then move on.


all i want to do now is clear out all the bad things from me, then to the happy life.

have faith!

just today  i heard it twice from two different movies. so always tell myself to think this way.


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